Ginger contains special enzymes responsible for catalyzing the proteins in your food, thus aiding in digestion and the prevention of cramps.

Good for those with constipation!
Ginger Root by cfwhitney.

The ancient Greeks used to eat ginger after a large meal,
in order to ease the digestion process.
P7168420 LR2 Root Ginger, Turmeric & Red Chilli Peppers by arifaqmal.

Ginger has proven to help lower your cholesterol
levels and prevent the formation of blood clots.
Ginger root by diego_carolyn.

As a mood enhancer, ginger's cineole content
may help contribute to stress relief.
ginger roots by detengase.

Also used for migraine headache.
ginger root by frankfarm.

Ginger can also be used for reducing toothache and the discomfort which arises due to the infection in the upper respiratory tract due to its antibacterial and antifungal nature.
Ginger, onions and garlic by vieux bandit.

Chewing on fresh ginger,,
can help freshen the breath.
Being a warming herb, ginger can help knock out a fever. This property also makes it effective in stimulating circulation of the blood.
Ginger Root by J. Pollack Photography.

It can also help relax muscles around the blood vessels and is said to help prevent blood clots from forming. The warming effects make it a natural decongestant as well as an antihistamine, making it the perfect remedy for colds.
Lemon and Ginger Drink by Red Snapper9.

Some studies show that it can even help inhibit
the replication of the herpes simplex virus.
a ginger root by left-handed.

Recent studies show that ginger might also have a role in lowering LDL cholesterol because the spice can help reduce the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed.
Curry with Zucchini by Jernej K.

It has also been shown in animal trials to help slow
or even prevent cancerous tumor growth.

To discover the health benefits of ginger for yourself, simply make a tea by steeping about 5 slices of ginger in hot water.

If you prefer it in your food,
BBQ Salmon & Succotash by NicnBill.

Ginger is excellent in many dishes and
is perfect when combined with garlic.
Ginger & Garlic by light~n~shadow.

Ginger doesn't only spice up your food it can also help to put some extra spice in your intimate life too. It improves blood flow to your sexual organs, and contains Vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.


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